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{ go get 'em tiger } by PrinceProcrastinate { go get 'em tiger } by PrinceProcrastinate

♔ >> I really should be doing the customs/giveaways now ;A;
but I just really wanted to improve my pixels, to make it less messy, but still my own style...
also anthros, still practicing anthros.
general / rabbit / canine / feline / equine anthros
Y U SO HARD adafdsjemnkf

a grown up version of a gummi shark pup, this kid's got the cat-eye.
he's young, hot-headed, cocky, idealistic and totally optimistic about every fight.
Can be loud and easily distracted at times too.
and he's also nameless. whelp. help?

His name is now Idris~!
Thank you, *Fyne-Q!
haha that rhymed XD

now I just need a blue one to balance out this guy ouo
because I recently love how orange & blue contrasts against each other ♥
I'm weird like that //fail


I can die happily now ♥
...maybe after I draw them both ouo

whoops I'm rambling again orz

Gummi Sharks (c) =Piehugs

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Fyne-Q Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
Nice animation! >u< Btw, I realy love the shading of the eyes here <3. And the very simple shades on the body & hair make it look really clean~ ^u^
Umm... Names? o.o" Idris? yep, that's a male name xD Blain? I don't know xDDD""

Good luck with customs ovo guess my pixel offer wasn't good after all orz
PrinceProcrastinate Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Student General Artist

♔ >> haha~ it's just the same animation as my pagedolls XD
thank you~! and yay omg
it finally looks clean~<33 asdhjmskl

oh gosh, that's seriously perfect~!
mostly because of the meaning:
Welsh > Fiery Lord
personalities > rebellious, optimistic, idealistic
^- from a name site

haha, seriously, thank you for everything~<33
Fyne-Q Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
That's what I tought xDDD

I know, that's how I found it xDDDD yay for name sites! what would we do without them xDDD

By the way, how's the collab going? ouo

off-topic: i have a strange idea for a species o_O" if my human adoptables don't get sold, then maybe.... xDDD
PrinceProcrastinate Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Student General Artist

♔ >> well it is a pagedoll XD

indeed, hooray for name sites~! our character's would probably get really random/out-of-this-world names without them :P

ahh, someone backed out/hasn't finished their lines yet and I'm still trying to contact them/ make the lines myself. Sorry for the delay ;A;

ohh~ tell me? o3o
Fyne-Q Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013

Or... I think there are also books with name meanings. But... Who would buy books just to name an OC? xDDD

Ohh ;A;

It's not finished yet, but... I'm thinking about something with scales or shell that can lose some part of its body when grown up o.o . It can still change, but the funniest thing is how it came to my mind xDD
PrinceProcrastinate Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Student General Artist

♔ >> True, when the internet is just there~
plus, more resources/faster name searches ouo

something like a sea-themed specie? is it more anthro/human?
either way, I'd love to see you develop it~!
oh, how?! OuO
Fyne-Q Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
Someday people won't be able to find anything in books... Everyone will just turn on their PCs and search xDDD
Right~ >u<

I mean, the shells not as sea shells, but more like... Some hard part of the body, like... Think about turtles. But it won't be exactly like turtles' xD.
Yep, it is c:
It's really strange way to have inspiration... Actually, the first thing wasn't even connected with making adopts xDDD. An eylash got into my eye >_>. I still had it when I slept... And in my dream, I looked into the mirror to see if it came out. Instead of my own eye I saw something like... I don't know hoe to describe it xD. The eyelids looked pretty much like a hardened skin and the eyes themselves also looked more like something solid, they were less 'shiny' or something. The skin around eyelids was a bit cracked and it looked like scales. It was really creepy, but when I woke up, I already knew something will come out of it xD
PrinceProcrastinate Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Student General Artist

♔ >> true, then there's the e-books and schools that use ipads instead of real books~
I'll miss it when it goes 'out of fashion' though ;A;

ahh~ I got it^^
lol, I didn't expect that XD
creepy cool, I guess. So it's like a thick, hardened, somewhat scaly epidermis?
like reptiles/certain amphibians ouo
how'd you connect that with adoptables/original species? XD
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April 1, 2013
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